Happy Birthday Us!

We are 1 year old today.  Help us celebrate.

Goodness gracious orange cupcakes are good.

It’s not everyday that you turn one.  It is a big deal and we are psyched out of our minds!  We’ve come a long way and done some cool things this year including adding new features to our already awesome Digital Design Criteria Manual (DDCM), creating a new innovative Specialty Leasing Merchant Information System, hiring amazing people (Jeremy, Tricia and Lisa – you are rockstars), and working with some of the industry’s best clients.  We are just getting started and have big plans for year two.
Check out the DDCM
A Million Thank You’s!
We want to thank all of our clients for trusting in our experience, talents and products; we couldn’t have made it without you.  Hear what they are saying about work.shop and our products:
Michael Davis, Sr. Development Director for North American Properties, said “The DDCM is a simple yet sophisticated tool to manage what is otherwise a document black hole.
Steve Myers, Director of Tenant Coordination of PDC who told us he likes that the “DDCM is a living and breathing document” and that updates are easy to make.

Skip Greeby, President of The Greeby Companies, Inc. said that the “DDCM is the future of retail” and his firm recommends using it on all of their projects.

Amy Hall, Sr. Director, Local Leasing for GK Development chose work.shop to develop their customized new Merchant Information System which they utilize across their entire portfolio of shopping centers.

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