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Chicago, IL

Managed the complete roof replacement process from team assembly to close-out for the 34,000 square-foot tear off and replacement at their new headquarters and production facility.

Bruce, Chief Tinkerer and Owner of multiple companies which specialize in cutting edge industrial coatings, recently purchased an amazing 60,000+ square-foot, two-level industrial and manufacturing facility on Chicago’s NW side. He has grand plans to relocate and expand three distinct business units into the new headquarters building, but first knew that the building required the removal and replacement of the 20+ year old roof. With winter steadily approaching and a busy core business season building Bruce turned to to lead the team and coordinate with his existing operations staff to manage the design and construction process to upgrade the failing roof system and get it properly water-tight.

Demolition of the old roof system revealed extensive existing structural damage to the underlying roof decking. This impossible to foresee condition mandated the removal and replacement of a significant portion of the existing failed system. adjusted quickly to provide frequent on and off-site coordination, monitoring and documentation to properly manage and mitigate the change order process. Systems analysis, team assembly, contract negotiation, project management, construction quality assurance, contractor sequencing and scheduling, lender coordination, monitoring and weekly reporting, change order management, punchlist and close-out were all included as part of the services which delivered the Owner a superior building, 2 weeks ahead of schedule with total savings to the project in excess of 3x’s our fees.