Jeremy Gradisher, Programming Guru and Dreamer, is the lead developer and programmer for the team. His skills and expertise will allow us to bring our DDCM’s to the next level, develop new apps such as the Retail Construction Calculator and to allow our clients to leverage their expertise to the fullest by using our technologies. Jeremy has been programming for more than a decade and is an expert with HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Jeremy Gradisher History

Jeremy additionally is owner/operator of located in Muskegon, MI where he refined his skills working for clients on custom programming projects. He can be contacted at – You may view his professional profile on LinkedIn at:

A Brief Statement From Jeremy

“I started doing websites in 1997. Things have changed dramatically since then. At first it was all really HTML and CSS. As things have become more interactive, you now have to know so much more. PHP was my next addition. Server side programming gives you more power and flexibility. MySQL, utilizing databases and Javascript opened a lot of doors, as well as grabbing up a true knowledge and expertise of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – I am excited to see where this industry goes next and how I can shape its direction.”

“Being a part of and helping to mold the Digital Design Criteria Manual is very exciting. I look forward to streamlining our processes and bringing a very user friendly product to our clients.” – Jeremy