Michael – CEO and Dream Amper – michael@workshop-mg.com

5 questions:

Q1: What is work.shop?

We are a small upstart retail technology and consultancy firm that helps developers, owners and entrepreneurial clients manage and accelerate the leasing, retail delivery and operations process for retail, restaurant and mixed use projects. Our purpose is to create tools and solutions which allow users of our systems to be even greater artisans of their specific trade. We develop systems that save every user 15 minutes each time they utilize our technologies.

Q2: Why the name work.shop?

Three reasons:
it is a place, a special environment, filled with tools specifically created for solving problems and refining ideas, tasks and projects;

it is a structured forum for exchange and learning; we love to hear about big plans and share ways to accomplish them.

it is two unique activities which when combined yield excitement, purpose and joy.

Q3: Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

artist trapped in engineers body

Q4: What makes you qualified to do this?

Having grown up in the retail development, design and construction industry, I've been fortunate to have participated in more than 1,500 retail tenant openings and attended more shopping center Grand Openings than I’d care to admit. When I was a kid, I used to borrow (sometimes without proper permission) basic programming books to get a head start on the next lessons on the Commodore. I guess it finally made sense to fuse two of my passions to accomplish another – to help people start or improve their business.

Q5: What is your unfair advantage?

I see and connect dots that others don’t know exist. Plus, I love sharing my super-power (although laser eyes would be cool to have too).